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How did you get started in photography?

I fell into photography accidentally. I got hooked when my friend let me borrow her camera with a telefoto lens. The images I captured turned out pretty well. It was like a rush. From there I asked a female friend of mine to pose with my truck on the beach. My goal was taking nice beach images of my truck, not my friend. But, once we got the images back from the lab and saw they were pretty decent of her, I was hooked and so it began.

Is photography your profession?

Currently, model photography is my hobby that has turned into a very full part time job. I enjoy photography as it takes me away from the real world at times. Plus, I enjoy meeting and working with new people all the time. Perhaps one day it will become a career, but for now, I'm just havin fun with it.

Who is your favorite model to shoot?

This is a dangerous question to answer. So, I'll just play it safe and say that any model that makes my site is one that I thoroughly enjoyed working with because she was well prepared, always on time, and most importantly, loved to have fun while shooting. There are still a few on my wish list that I'd love to cross off and add to my site.

What are your rates for a photo shoot?

My rates vary pending a few factors. I charge models different rates based on the types of images they want and what their use will be for the images - such as a portfolio or a member-based website. I also have different rates for commericial clients interested in booking me for a day. It's best to just email me direct and we'll work it out based on the shoot details.

What should a model bring to a photo shoot with you?

A model should bring with her whatever the shoot demands. This is always discussed in detail with me as the photographer. Typically, a model will bring articles of clothing, makeup, props, accessories and of course money if she's paying for the shoot! Some things a model must bring is a great attitude, an open mind and lots of confidence!

What does the model receive after a photo shoot with you?

Again, depending on the shoot details discussed prior to the photo shoot, in most cases the model will receive a a web link to download her copy of the raw images or to view them online. Models also will receive their print ready versions of the images via the same method usually within two weeks dependent on how quickly they have made their selections. This depends on the urgency the model needs images, my shooting schedule and the editing process. I will also spend quality time after the shoot training the model on photo editing, portfolio building and the business side of modeling if she'd liked like to learn.

What type of camera & equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon digital equipment and lenses. I currently use a Canon Canon 5D Mark II and 3 different lenses: 85mm f/1.2, 28-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8. AlienBee strobes & light modifiers round out my equipment

What is your favorite part about photography?

I'm a people person so I love to meet and work with fun and creative people. Shooting indoors our outside it doesn't matter so long as we are being creative and capturing some great images. I really love the reaction the models give me when they see how good they look in pictures. That makes it all worth it when someone leaves happy with a big smile and lots of great photos!

Do you shoot anything besides female models?

I used to because that's how I got started in photography, but not so much anymore. I get asked all the time to shoot family portraits or events like weddings, but I feel I'm a specialist photographer that does great in one area, but only so-so in other areas. My passion also lies within model photography and there is a difference in the results when someone has passion for what they are doing.

Where do you want to go with model photography?

As far as I can - Aim for the moon but shoot for the stars. I would love to work for a major magazine publication or possibly even a sports magazine. I would really love the opportunity to some day be able to stand on the sideline and shoot a "Superbowl game" For now, so long as I keep meeting and working with wonderful new people and making relationships that I've never had before, I'll keep shooting. The thing I love most about photography is that its FUN for me, so the day photography becomes a job, I'll probably stop.

What does a model have to do to schedule a shoot with you?

The easiest way is to go to the model application page on this site and complete all the required areas. Don't forget to attach a few recent images, preferably recent ones taken and not web-camera type images. I will respond back to you once I receive the application. DO NOT forget to email me images or send me a link to view your images. The application will not be complete until the model has done that.

What kind of model(s) do you shoot?

As you can see from my portfolio, I shoot a specific type and style of model. If I have to label it, a glamour/swimsuit figure is what I shoot a majority of the time. The model does not have to have a lot of experience, but self-confidence is a MUST!! Shooting the style and imagery the way I do, a model has to be secure with her physical fitness and figure to shoot with me.

Do you offer TFCD shoots?

Very rarely will I offer a TFCD (Time for CD) shoot. I will do it if the experience is one that I can't pass up or if I know the investment in the shoot will pay off in the future, either with networking or in licensing the images to commercial clients.

Do you find models work after you shoot with them?

This is a question that I get asked often by the models themselves. The answer is sort of - yes. I am not a manager or an agent and never want to be confused as one. It is my job to shoot the product or the model and hopefully she has other resources, including herself, to get other shoots and jobs down the road. I will, however, submit girls to clients and magazines like Playboy and American Curves, various fitness publications to see if there is potential for future work or being published by those magazines. The best thing an Internet-based model can do for herself is shoot a lot and get a self-titled website where so many others can discover her and her amazing images!

Do you manage models?

Definitely not! There is a fine line that is crossed sometimes between photographer and manager and I am not in the business of managing models' careers. I will, however, refer the models I work with and believe in, to a few of the modeling agencies that I have positive working relationships with and let them do the managing for the models.

Do you host or offer photographer workshops?

I also get asked this a lot by photographers that are trying to break into the business. As of now, no I do not host or offer photography workshops. It is very time consuming to put together a workshop that includes photogs, models, MUAs and locations and for someone that is only a weekend hacker, I just do not have time for it. I have considered tutoring a photog on site during one of my photo shoots, but that is just at the consideration stage right now.

Do you use make up artists (MUAs) for your shoots?

When I first started model photography, I did not think it was very important to have proper makeup done on the model. But, after working with some really great MUAs in the past, I find myself requiring the models have a professional MUA work on their face prior to shooting with me. Unless a model can prove to me that her self-applied makeup meets my standards, I help the models with makeup appointments but it is something that she as a model must take care of and pay for prior to shooting.

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